About Us

ForestFit was conceptualised to support businesses to develop and formalise business management practices, which would contribute to further strengthening risk management and contribute to auditing consistency for businesses.

Technical Advisory Panel

The primary technical and governance body of ForestFit

To ensure ForestFit meets its objectives, is fit for purpose and remain contemporary, the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) will provide industry and technical advice and recommendations to AFCA as the owner and operator of ForestFit.  Competency areas for the TAP will collectively cover:

  • Legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Improving work health and safety and environmental outcomes.
  • Strengthening leadership and business capabilities.

The TAP is composed of nine members from five organisation types.  Membership of the TAP is limited to organisations, individuals are not eligible.

Industry project updates

Setting the Standard

Industry update

Sep 2023

Issue 06

Industry update

Jun 2022

Success is about the people

Media release

02 Jun 2022

Issue 05

Industry update

Feb 2022

Issue 04

Industry update

Oct 2021

Issue 03

Industry update

Aug 2021

Issue 02

Industry update

May 2021

Issue 01

Industry update

Feb 2021